Statement from Kronobit Networks regarding name change

Kronobit networks
2 min readMay 26, 2023


Dear users,

We are writing to inform you that starting today, the project “Qbit Networks” will be changing its trade name to “Kronobit Networks.”

This change is due to receiving a notification from the company “Qbit Networks,” based in China, which holds registered patents in the United States and other countries, stating that the name “Qbit Networks” cannot be used by us since it has already been registered since the year 2020.

The notification was received in a friendly and amicable manner, and both companies have maintained a cordial dialogue throughout the process. The company “Qbit Networks” agreed to provide us with a grace period to make the necessary changes across all our official networks and channels, including our whitepaper.

For this reason, we have proceeded to change our trade name, which will now be used in all official communications. We apologize for the misunderstanding caused by our lack of knowledge regarding the existence of the company “Qbit Networks” and offer our apologies to the company for any inconvenience caused.

We appreciate your understanding and remain committed to providing the best services to our users.


Administrative Team of Kronobit Networks

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Kronobit networks

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